We curate safe spaces for humans to thrive in their businesses (and life!) through strategy, support, and execution.


Meet the Founder

I'm Peya Robbins, an entrepreneur geeking out about problem solving, community-building, & organization.

As a first-generation American and first-born daughter, I have solved problems my entire life. I can fill many different roles in your business, from taskmaster to COO, coach to podcast producer (and everything in between). You may be surprised to discover that I can do more than you were initially interested in, depending on what caught your eye about my work.

Supported people show up with more authority, so I created Pey Pey the VA - a bespoke virtual assistant agency supporting online entrepreneurs looking to change the world. I love to equip my clients with curated tools and systems to manage their businesses and life. I curate a safe space for my clients to be seen and heard as they are and live the life they’ve always wanted (but didn’t know was an option).